The Importance of Our Streams

The Importance of Our Streams

How To Follow Streams If You Get Lost In The Wilderness 

Exploring in the wilderness is something everyone should do to feel closer to Mother Nature and let their adventurous spirit explore. While you should always be prepared while in the wilderness with the right gear and have a plan on where to go, sometimes all else fails and you can end up lost. But before you start to panic, know that you can make your way back to civilization if you follow streams (that is if you have no other tools or devices to help you navigate back). Although it sounds like a joke or a myth, following streams will help you when you’re lost and here’s how to navigate streams properly in case you ever get lose in the wilderness! 

Follow The River Downstream 

Once you find a stream or a river, it’s recommended if you follow it downstream. Your odds of finding yourself out of the wilderness and back in civilization are very high if you follow the river downstream (or even the ocean at some point). Following a river upstream will only get you more lost so always check to see where the water is flowing down. The basic rules of settlement is needing water, so there has to be some sort of town or track of homes along the way of the stream and the larger body of water the river flows into. You can always backtrack by going back upstream if needed (like in the event that there’s an impassible cliff or waterfall).  

Leave Indications 

When following the river downstream, it’s always recommended that you leave small indications so that search and rescue knows where to look for you. They’ll find evidence that you passed there and will know that they’re on the right track to where you’re headed.  

A Fresh Supply Of Water 

When you’re lost in the woods and you run out of water, finding a stream and following is important since it provides you with an ongoing supply of fresh water. As you’re walking back to civilization, you’ll be able to drink from the stream or river to keep from getting dehydrated.  

Before you head out to the wilderness, make yourself acquainted with the area of woods and its rivers, streams and lakes just in case you get lost and need to find your way to a stream! 

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