Steel Pine (2pcs) KSUN X-30 8W Handheld Two Way Ham Radio Transceiver

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If you’re interested in radio and are looking for a new hobby which can bring you hours of education, socializing and fun, ham radio is well worth getting into. People of all ages talk on ham radio around the globe. Ham radio is portable and you can set it up literally anywhere you can imagine. During times of emergency, it can be incredibly useful and may even save lives.

If you are thinking about buying a ham radio, there are a lot of features you will need to evaluate in order to make the best purchase decision. We have saved you some time by putting together a comparison table for the top ham radios.

Maximum Range: 3km-5km
Walkie Talkie Type: Portable
Dimensions: 115*52*23mm
Frequency Range: 400-470MHz
Storage Channel: 16
Talk Range: 3-5km
Material: Plastic
Brand Name: Steel PIne KSUN
Type: Two Way Radio